No Shortcut to Proportionality [Original title: Na detailoch volebných mechanizmov záleží]
An op-ed on Czechia's Constitutional Court ruling small constituencies combined with the D'Hondt method unconstitutional and its implications for electoral system reform in Slovakia that I wrote in February 2021 with Pavol Hardoš for SME, one of Slovakia's largest newspapers.

Poll Sorceries [Original title: Čarovanie s prieskumami]
A pop-science op-ed on pre-election polling blackouts that I wrote in October 2019 with Pavol Hardoš for SME.

Identification of Electoral Irregularities by Statistical Methods
European Commission for Democracy Through Law (Venice Commission) Report that I coauthored with Daniel Bochsler, Carsten Schürmann, and Philip B. Stark in 2018.

Democracy Tiles
An interactive tile grid map visualizing the Varieties of Democracy Dataset that I made with Daniel Josefson for Datastories 2018. The audience can plot time series of V-Dem's indexes on semi-transparent tiles and grab, arrange, and stack them.

V-Dem: Aggregating Expert Opinion on Democracy with IRT Models
A poster on V-Dem's Bayesian IRT Model that I made for StanCon 2018 Helsinki.

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